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Fresh-pressed cocktail mixers made with local farm ingredients! One bottle per week for 9 weeks starting AUGUST 11th, each bottle makes five cocktails (or mocktails). Cocktails change weekly depending on what produce is available from local farms but are always fresh, vibrant, and refreshing! Limited shares available on a first-come, first-serve basis. Gifting available.

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Community Supported Cocktails (CSC) is a nine-week fall cocktail share featuring incredible, handmade, fresh-pressed cocktail mixers! Similar to Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) farm shares, members join by pre-purchasing their shares and then picking up their fresh cocktail mixers once a week on pickup day. Each week we work with local farms and suppliers to source the best local ingredients and support other small businesses. Cocktails vary weekly and are always fresh, vibrant, and refreshing— the perfect way to relax this summer!
  • Each weekly cocktail share consists of one 16oz bottle of fresh-pressed cocktail mixers which makes five cocktails or mocktails (thats $3.20 per cocktail!)
  • The Summer 2021 session is nine weeks long
  • Shares will be available for pickup every Wednesday beginning August 11th and ending October 6th from 4-6pm in Denver and 4-8pm in Boulder
  • Mix does not contain alcohol

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Upon checkout you’ll select one of the following options for pickup or delivery. (Click to expand additional info.)

      • Every Wednesday from 4-6pm starting August 11th and ending October 6th
      • 3601 W 32nd Ave, Denver, CO 80211
      • Learn more about Mondo Vino!

As a reminder, these mixers do not contain alcohol (all the more reason to pickup at a liquor store!).


Even though CSC cocktail mixers vary weekly—depending on what ingredients are fresh locally that can be incorporated into a delicious cocktails—you can always expect mixers to be fresh, fun, and well-balanced. Our cocktail mixers are focused on featuring fresh produce and are not too-sweet, not too-tart, but balanced just right.  Here are some of our favorites from the 2020 season:

cocktail-club-single-shareGarden Gimlet
Fresh cucumber, ginger, serrano, lime, and basil
Mixes Best With: Gin, vodka, tequila, or sparkling water.
Tastes like: Clean and crisp cucumber with a hint spice and underlying sweet basil.

Mountain Julep
Fresh mint, lemon, early grey tea, and a dash of simple
fresh-watermelon-cocktailMixes Best With: Bourbon, vodka, or sparkling water.
Tastes like: Mint Julep meets sweet tea with a touch of citrus for good measure. Perfect on a warm day.

Frontier Fresca
Fresh watermelon, ginger, and lemon
Mixes Best With: Tequila, bourbon, or sparkling water.
fresh-pineapple-cocktailTastes like: Amazing fresh watermelon with a slight kick of ginger and citrus to balance it out.

Beat the Heat
Fresh pineapple, habanero, lemon, and lime
Mixes Best With: Tequila, mezcal, vodka, or sparkling water.
Tastes like: WOWSA! The most delicious summer margarita you ever had! Sweet pineapple is balanced by tart citrus and a hint of habanero spice.


  • In a COCKTAIL: Mix 3oz. of fresh mix with 1.5oz spirit of choice. Shaken, not stirred.
  • In a MOCKTAIL: Mix 3oz of fresh mix with 1.5oz sparkling water of choice. Stirred, not shaken.





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Boulder shares will be available for pickup at Boulder Wednesday Farmer’s Market. Denver CSC shares will be available at Mondo Vino, in the Highlands.

There is not alcohol in Cocktail Caravan mixers and they can be enjoyed with sparkling water or a favorite spirit.

We’re proud to support Oxford Gardens, Black Cat Farms, First Fruit, Lone Hawk Farm, Ollin Farms, Bee Squared Apiaries, Savory Spice, and more.

The best option is to send a friend in your place! Alternatively, if 24-hours notice is given we can try to accommodate holding onto your mixer for the following week BUT this is not a guarantee. Like we said, the best option is to send someone to pickup on your behalf.

Freeze them! Frozen mixers will keep for months for emergency cocktail needs.

Fresh mixers have a short shelf life of five days. If you aren’t going to finish the bottle within that timeframe just pop it in the freezer until you’re ready to enjoy it again.

Absolutely! At checkout, input the recipients name, address, phone, and email into the ‘gifting’ field. They’ll receive an email with pickup information before the first pickup. You’ll probably want to give them a heads up that it’s coming. 🙂

Yes! These are perishable and refrigeration is required.

You can order individual bottles to give us a whirl, please inquire at orders@cocktailcaravan.com. We’ll also be popping up in various locations and markets this summer. You can find additional info on where to find us here!

Do you have more questions that weren’t answered here? No problem, just shoot us a note at at hello@cocktailcaravan.com and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.



Thank you for backing Community Supported Cocktails and Cocktail Caravan, please stay in touch!

Additional information

Weekly Share

One 16oz bottle of fresh-pressed cocktail mix per week


Makes 5 cocktails or mocktails per bottle

To Enjoy

Mix 3oz mix with 1.5oz your favorite spirit or sparkling water

Thank you

Thank you to our community for making this a huge success in 2020 and helping to get Cocktail Caravan through the pandemic. WE APPRECIATE YOU!! (More than you could ever know.)


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