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nominate-local-heroPaying-it-Forward for Local Heroes

While we might not all have the proper training and skillsets to help on the front lines ourselves, we’re paying-it-forward as best we can— by donating our own expertise and products to brighten someone’s day. Cocktail Caravan is partnering with other local businesses to build care packages for ten Boulder- or Denver-based local heroes. Care packages include Community Supported Cocktail mixers plus product from other local businesses like Amana Yoga, JLounge Spa, Fiori Flowers, Fortuna Chocolate, Ozo Coffee, Vapor Distilling, Cocktail Punk Bitters, and Pastificio Boulder.

Heroes come in all shapes and sizes. To nominate a local hero, healthcare worker, parent-turned-teacher extraordinaire, or someone who deserves to be appreciated please tell us who this fabulous human is and why they deserve a little extra love in the below form.

We wish we could deliver a care package to every nominee, please know we appreciate every single effort by every hero and their nominee even if not chosen for a care package. We’ll be in touch with chosen nominees between April 22nd and May 27th to coordinate delivering their gift.

*If you’re a local business interested in participating, please send us a note!

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