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Cocktail Caravan is a full service beverage catering operation, which means we are a one-stop shop for bar services. We’ll coordinate all aspects of your bar so you don’t have to worry about all the moving pieces.
Yes! In fact we do not sell alcohol. We do, however, encourage clients to let us coordinate a liquor order on their behalf. There are no additional charges, fees, or hidden costs associated with this, and it is an important step in ensuring a smooth service with no hiccups. We work with several specific liquor stores with proven track records for excellent customer service, large selections, free delivery, and the option to bring back unopened product for full refund.
Events where alcohol is sourced from a liquor store Cocktail Caravan is not partnered with, or provided by the host or other entity directly are charged a 10% corkage fee. There is much room for error when it comes to the liquor order—a key piece to the puzzle—and we’ll take extra steps to ensure this goes smoothly.
In the state of Colorado the only way to have a cash bar is in a facility with a brick and mortar liquor license, such as a restaurant, bar, tap room, or some venues. The exception to this rule is non-profits who may apply for a special event liquor license for fundraising events.
Cocktail Caravan is full service, we are happy to refer you to other operations should you be in need of a bartender, exclusively.
We serve everything and anything liquid! Including cocktails, beer, and wine, but also mocktails, coffee, tea, and non-alcoholic beverages.
As soon as you have a date, the more time to plan, the better. We tend so see trends when it comes to reserving dates, ie: everyone wants to have parties on the same day! The most important thing is reserving you’re date. Everything else can be worked out later.
Not at all! In fact, we encourage you to inquire as soon as you have a date for your event. We’ll use a contract and deposit to reserve your date, and everything on your contract is totally flexible until two- (non-weddings) or three-weeks (weddings) out from your event.
Lolita, and all of our bars, must be parked on private property for service. This can include homes (driveway, yard, etc.), offices (private parking areas), venues, and so forth.


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