Home Bar Essentials

Sometimes you just need a night at home, and nothing is better than your couch, Netflix, a pint of cookies and cream, and a drink from the hottest bar in town— your kitchen.
Whether it’s just you and the dog or you’re hosting friends on the couch, a complete home bar is clutch to keep the party going. Here are the home bar essentials you need!

By Laurie Riihimaki

Booze Galore— With or Without Alcohol

You never know what kind of wild requests your guests will throw at you. That’s why it’s vital to have your bases covered with all the essential spirits. You’ll want to add a local vodka (we like CapRock), a feisty tequila like Boulder-based Suerte, a sophisticated whiskey a la Breckenridge Bourbon, local rum Montanya, gin a beautiful local gin like CapRock. To round it out you’ll want to add in a few liqueurs. We’re huge fans of Grove Street Alchemy Orange Liqueur, Leopold Bros Coffee Liqueur, and anything made in small batches by passionate people. 

Non-alcoholic spirits are having a moment and are a great way to create craft alternative cocktails. Try Tweedle, made from hemp and containing CBD, founded by Boulder women. Or get creative with Seedlip Non-Alcoholic Spirits, which mix well in a variety of classic cocktails.

Don’t Forget Your Mixers

It’s not just about the booze – you have to have the mixers to match! Load up your bar with standards like soda water, tonic, ginger beer, and an array of juices, like fresh-squeezed lemon and lime. Pro tip: Juice citrus ahead of time and freeze for later. If you aren’t sure where to start or don’t feel like going through all the effort of prepping and crafting, Cocktail Caravan fresh-pressed mixers are the perfect solution.

Garnish That Glass

What’s better than a drink that tastes good? A drink that looks as good as it tastes! Garnishes not only enhance the look but also add that finishing taste to a yummy cocktail. Lemons and limes add an acidic freshness, while mint sprigs and citrus twists add a fancy flair that’ll make your living room feel like a rooftop bar. Trust us, it’s all about the presentation! 

Your Bartending Must-Haves

To be a great bartender, you’ll need the tools of the trade.  Grab yourself a shaker, mixing glass, jigger, strainer, bar spoon, and muddler in order to make proper drinks for you and your guests. And after the drink is made, you’ll want a proper glass to put it in. Because, let’s face it, drinking a margarita out of a coffee mug just doesn’t feel right. A few margarita glasses, champagne glasses, wine glasses, rocks glasses, shot glasses, pint glasses, and martini glasses are a great place to start. You can always expand your bar collection as you go!

Why go out when you can stay in? With a stocked-up home bar, you make any night feel like a party.