mobile bar in denver colorado that is a tuk tuk with beer taps and two bartenders making cocktails and mocktails.

Meet Bambi The Bubble Bar

Bambi is a vintage Piagio Ape—aka a tuk tuk bar—fully converted to a beautiful mobile bar with four taps to serve anything your heart desires.

She’s here! Bambi the Bubble Bar is a vintage Piagio Ape, originally from Italy. Widely used in Thailand, tuk tuks are three-wheeled rickshaws named for the sound made by their small engines. Cute, huh?

Bambi the Bubble Bar is green! Ask us about zero-waste events.

Before coming to Boulder, Bambi received a facelift in London, where every nut and bolt was restored. She was also converted to be fully electric (no more cute engine sound), and a converted into a tuk tuk bar that include four taps. The taps can be used for anything from sparkling wine and regular wine to beer, cocktails, and kombucha. She is truly the most fun and cute centerpiece to any event!

Bambi the Bubble Bar can be rented as a full service experience that includes staff, menu consulting, planning, and more, OR as a stand-alone bar rental without staff.

Thanks to her electric engine and use of kegged product, Bambi helps us reduce our footprint at events. Pair with Cocktail Caravan stainless steel cocktail tumblers or rental glass for a zero-waste event.

“People hire us because they’re looking for an experience, so we’re constantly looking for ways to enhance our presence at events, whether that’s custom cocktails or one-of-a-kind bars like Bambi. Plus, it’s just fun!” – Crystal Sagan, founder & owner

Bambi joins our amazing fleet of mobile bars that includes the original mobile bar, Lolita, a vintage 1960’s caravan that’s been lovingly restored, Bandit the Bicycle Bar, and other fun bars available for rent.

Mobile bars are ready to join your party – rent them with or without Cocktail Caravan bar staff! Find out how to elevate your event with Bambi, here. Stay tuned for updates on Lolita’s whereabouts via newsletter and social media. Sign up here for our newsletter, we promise only to send cool stuff like cocktail recipes, and never overload your inbox. Cheers!