Old Fashioned Recipe

This Old Fashioned recipe will make you a believer.

The Old Fashioned might just be the ultimate classic cocktail, and it’s making a comeback. (!!) Lots of our brides and grooms are requesting to have an Old Fashioned on their cocktail menu and we’re happy to oblige. We think our recipe is the best but half the fun of home bartending is experimenting, so please get creative and tweak to your palate’s content!

The secret to a great Old Fashioned recipe is precision and balance. With so few ingredients there is really space for all the flavors to shine and too much of one thing or the other can really throw the balance off. Arguably using high quality ingredients is just as clutch to ending up with the best Old Fashioned you’ve ever had, but you’re a seasoned pro and already know that.

If you’re already a fan of whiskey, experiment with some of your favorites to see how you like them in this recipe. And if whiskey isn’t in your normal rotation, try starting your Old Fashioned journey with a bourbon. Bourbon is also a whiskey, but is a bit softer and more approachable thanks to the smoother grains it’s made from and tends to make more life-long Old Fashioned fans right out of the gate. We’re big fans of Breckenridge Bourbon since it’s delicious and local.

(The Best)
Old Fashioned Recipe

1.5oz Whiskey
.5oz Simple Syrup
1 Half of an Orange Slice
3 drops Angostora Bitters
1 Luxardo Cherry


Add orange slice, simple, and bitters to a glass and muddle (a.k.a smash to bits). Add whiskey and ice, stir. Strain into a glass with fresh ice and garnish with an orange peel and Luxardo Cherry.



  • Be careful to watch how much bitters you’re getting, your’e looking for three DROPS not three dashes.
  • When making the simple syrup, make sure you are measuring accurately.
  • You’ll know when your cocktail is chilled because the outside of the glass will become cold.
  • Use a vegetable peeler to get a nice thick orange slice for garnish.
  • Don’t skimp on the cherry, get the real thing. Worth every penny.


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