breck bourbon

The Goods:
Breckenridge Bourbon

Breckenridge Bourbon is the perfect vehicle for converting the “I-don’t-drink-whiskey” crowd.

Breckenridge Bourbon is a staple at our events and a go-to suggestion for clients looking for a crowd-pleaser. The versatility (an excellent choice for sipping or mixing cocktails) and local roots (made close to home in Breckenridge, Colorado) don’t hurt either, and it’s the perfect vehicle for converting the “I-don’t-drink-whiskey” crowd.

We do events of all shapes and sizes, catering to an equal variety of palates, and occasionally cross paths with a guest who has, at one point, had a bad experience with a spirit. (Think ill-fated late night run-in with product X as a youngin’ that then forever ruined it for you….we’ve all got one.) It’s these folks that I enjoy serving cocktails to the most— the look of surprise on their face when they take the first sip of a delicious, well-balanced cocktail made with Breckenridge Bourbon is THE best. Sometimes they’ll ask to make sure we’ve actually handed them a cocktail with bourbon. Sweet victory.

The folks at Breckenridge distillery have bourbon dialed, so it’s no surprise it’s become the driving force behind us creating whiskey converts. On the nose, it’s a bit sweet with fruity and dark sugar aromas, a hint of spicy rye sneaking in. First sips are a bit peppery with a honey finish, like liquid après ski hitting your tongue. The one-of-a-kind mountain spirit is aged in American White Oak barrels for two years, and made up of a blend of their own bourbon with a bit of Kentucky, Tennessee, and Indiana made bourbons chosen for their unique qualities and heritage.

Maybe it’s the high elevation of the distillery (9,600-feet), or the Rocky Mountain snowmelt that goes into each batch, or the high (for a bourbon) proportion of rye that goes into the mash— there’s something in this bottle that makes you feel at home, even if you’re part of the “I-don’t-drink-whiskey” crowd.

Learn more, buy, and drool over Breckenridge Bourbon here.