Cocktail Caravan Cocktails

Our unique brand of fresh-pressed cocktails is based on keeping ingredients simple– and always fresh.

Think fresh, local cucumbers with locally grown lavender, hand-squeezed lemon, and a local organic vodka.
More often than not, when you gather a group of adults into a room their palates and preferences will be as diverse, to say the least. That can make building a cocktail menu for a special event challenging. You want to make sure everyone is happy, but designing a menu your Negroni-loving friends and your white-wine-spritzer-loving aunties will like isn’t always easy! Thats where we come in. After years of experience, we’ve found the perfect solution in our signature brand of cocktails and mocktails. Our unique twist on fresh-pressed cocktails and mocktails is designed to please maximum palates with a streamlined menu.

Beautiful cocktails and mocktails are the product of hand-squeezed, fresh-juiced local ingredients. We’re very lucky to be able to support local growers and producers, and using local produce but makes for intensely vibrant flavors. We’ll use local ingredients whenever possible (unfortunately Colorado isn’t the right climate to grow pineapples…) from farms like Oxford Gardens, Cure, and Ollin Farms.


Combinations of fresh fruit, vegetables, and herbs are our favorite with any spirit, and recipes change seasonally depending on availability. While our creations might be our favorite, we’re more than happy to make you that Negroni! Find the perfect balance for your event between classic cocktails, like a French 75, and our specialty cocktails and mocktails—maybe it’s 50/50 or maybe we’ll serve classic cocktails exclusively—either way they’ll be made with love, good vibes, and years of experience.

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