Meet Lolita: The Original Mobile Bar

Lolita is a one of a kind mobile bar available for events in Colorado, with or without staff.


Photo: Paige Jones

Meet our girl, Lolita. She’s a vintage 1960’s caravan lovingly renovated and converted into a mobile bar that travels metro Denver and all of Colorado for events. She’s amazing, and we’re super excited to tell you about her.

Lolita is the cutest little mobile bar you ever did see. Similar to a food truck in terms of mobility, Lolita has the types of finishes you’d see on the customer-facing side of any restaurant or bar. Butcher block counter tops, birch walls, custom cabinetry and local artisan creations to tie it all together. With a large window opening on one side for service, counter space on three sides, and a bench seat on the last side, we can’t wait for you to come inside and check it out!

She’s a vintage 1960’s caravan lovingly renovated and converted into a mobile bar. At 15-feet long, Lolita is perfect for private parties, weddings, corporate events, and other gatherings. For private events, Lolita must be parked on private property such as a driveway or backyard. Check out our FAQ page for answers to other questions!

There are two ways to experience Lolita: As part of a full service event that includes our staff, or without our staff as a stand-alone rental. For full service events we’ll help you navigate all aspects of the bar and take [almost] everything bar-related off your plate. Pricing varies depending on your needs, but we’re happy to chat and put together pricing for your event!

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