The Goods: Suerte Tequila

Boulder-based Suerte Tequila offers a local-ish tequila to Colorado residents.

Lucky for us, there is no shortage of great, locally-made product in Colorado. From fresh fruits, vegetables, and herbs to craft beers, bourbon, and organic vodka, Colorado is a virtual cornucopia of amazing cocktail ingredients. Boulder-based Suerte Tequila takes us even a step further towards being able to serve a nearly all-local menu.

Let’s get one thing straight about tequila: We like it. A lot. Ok, wait, there is one more thing we wanted to get straight about tequila, and that’s about the ‘rules’ that qualify tequila as a tequila (and not a mezcal). In order for a spirit to be labeled a tequila it has to be produced in a specific region in Mexico (amongst other things), which Suerte is. That being said, Suerte is as close to a ‘local’ tequila as we can get since the headquarters is based in Boulder. We’ll take it.
Colorado is a virtual cornucopia of amazing cocktail ingredients.
Made with 100% tahona-crushed Blue Webber Agave, the blanco, reposado, añejo, and extra añejo collectively run the spectrum of a full flavor profile. Something for everyone, you might say. Rested for two-months in stainless steel, the blanco has noticeable herbaceous tones of the agave plant, balances with a touch of sweet citrus. The reposado—our favorite for cocktails—is aged in charred American White Oak barrels for seven-months with underlying notes of plum and butterscotch. Prefer to sip your tequila neat? Try the añejo, or extra añejo if you can get your hands on it. Supporting the local economy has never been so enjoyable as it is with Suerte.

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