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Fade to Black Margarita Mix
Fresh lime, lemon, agave, activated charcoal, Tajin rim, dehydrated lime wheel garnish

Witch’s Wrath Mix (color changing!)
Fresh apple, sage, lemon, honey simple, butterfly pea tea, dehydrated lemon wheel garnish

Available for pickup or local delivery on Wednesday, October 28th. Includes one bottle of Fade to Black and one bottle of Witch’s Wrath, enough mix to make TEN COCKTAILS total.



Halloween Tricks and Treats! Enjoy two different fresh-pressed Halloween cocktail mixers and accoutrements to finish them off right. Each 16-ounce bottle makes five cocktails or mocktails. Available for local pickup or delivery ONLY. Pre-order by October 27th to guarantee availability. Pickup or delivery on Wednesday, October 28th.



The Devil dwells in the dark and we’re 100% into it. This fresh-pressed, from-scratch mix tastes like a beautiful, fresh margarita but looks like something Hades would sip on a casual afternoon in the Underworld. The optional Tajin rim adds a mild kick (included), if you’re into that kind of thing. Hades was kind enough to let us know he suggests enjoying this with a blanco tequila and a hint of orange liqueur.

Fade to Black: Fresh lime, lemon, agave, activated charcoal

*Includes five dehydrated lime wheels for garnish and Tajin for the rim.



This is a color changing cocktail mix! Some cooky crazy local witches put a spell on this cocktail, so even though it looks blue when first poured into a glass, adding a special secondary potion (provided) transforms it to purple before your eyes. The witches also mentioned it’s equally delicious with vodka as it is sparkling water.

Witch’s Wrath: Fresh apple, sage, lemon, honey simple, butterfly pea tea

*Lemon juice is packaged separately from the primary mix. Includes five dehydrated lemon wheels for garnish.

One 16oz bottle of Fade to Black Margarita Mix
One 16oz bottle of Witche’s Wrath
One 4oz bottle of fresh lemon juice
Five dehydrated lime wheels
Five dehydrated lemon wheels
Tajin seasoning (for margarita rim)

  • FADE TO BLACK: Mix 3oz. of fresh mix with 1.5oz spirit of choice. Shaken, not stirred.
  • WITCHES BREW: Mix 3oz of Witches Brew mix with 1.5oz spirit/sparkling water of choice. Shake and pour over ice. Top with .75oz of lemon juice (included) for color-change magic.

Upon checkout you’ll select one of the following options for pickup or delivery. (Click to expand additional info.) If you are IMMUNO COMPROMISED please contact us directly and we will try our best to accommodate a special delivery. Group orders of five or more shares qualify for special delivery to one location within a 35-mile radius.

+ Boulder PICKUP @ Boulder Wine Merchant
    • Wednesday, October 28th from 4-6pm
    • 2690 Broadway, Boulder, CO 80304
    • Learn more about Boulder Wine Merchant!
+ Denver PICKUP @ Mondo Vino
      • Wednesday, October 28th from 4-6pm
      • 3601 W 32nd Ave, Denver, CO 80211
      • Learn more about Mondo Vino!
+ Longmont PICKUP @ Sugarpine
      • Wednesday, October 28th from 3-5pm
      • 1920 S. Coffaman, Longmont, CO 80504
      • Learn more about Sugarpine!
+ Free Boulder DELIVERY
      • Free delivery in Boulder with purchase of 2 or more Halloween packages on Wednesday, October 28th.
      • Existing Community Supported Cocktails delivery members will receive special order deliveries along with their regular weekly orders on Wednesday, October 28th.
+ Free Group DELIVERY
      • These orders will be delivered between 10am and 4pm on Wednesday, October 28th
      • Four or more Halloween packages delivered to one location
      • Any location within a 35-mile radius of Boulder

As a reminder, these mixers do not contain alcohol (all the more reason to pickup at one of the liquor stores!).

  • This is a one time, non-recurring offer and is not part of Community Supported Cocktail shares
  • Bottles are available for pickup in Denver or Boulder on Wednesday, October 28th from 4-6pm, Longmont from 3-5pm, or delivery in Boulder as outlined above.
  • Mix does not contain alcohol
  • Does not contain gluten, dairy, or nuts and is vegan (but is produced in a shared facility with other small business who may use these ingredients)
  • COVID-19 safety is our top priority, learn more here


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