a woman makes a drink behind a freestanding mobile bar. A brick wall is behind her.

3 Unique Happy Hour Ideas for Colorado Companies

When the seasons change, it’s the perfect time for companies to treat coworkers to special happy hour activities. Hosting unique workplace gatherings will boost everyone’s mood, provide ample team-building opportunities, and ensure everyone has a great time. 

Here are three ways to host a unique company gathering that are sure to please everyone. For each activity, we’ve included an entry-level idea and ways to step it up to the next level. 

Hire a Private Bartender for a Company Happy Hour at the Office

Hiring a professional bartender for a private event adds a classy element to your office party. Instead of heading to a crowded bar, make drink service simple and expedite service in any size office space. Plus, a TIPS-certified bartender will ensure cocktails are always poured correctly and no one is over-served.

Take it to the Next Level: Bring a Mobile Cocktail Bar to Your Office 

Do you want to make a company happy hour perfect? Hire one of Cocktail Caravan’s mobile cocktail bars for your next company happy hour or product activation. The fleet includes a custom-refurbished 1969 camper van bar, an electric-converted Piaggio tuk-tuk with four beverage taps, a mobile bicycle bar, and a beautiful wooden upright bar that fits almost anywhere. Every mobile cocktail bar is available for stand-alone rental or can be hired with a professional bartending staff. 

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Host a Cocktail/Mocktail Class

If your office has remote or flexible schedule employees, host a virtual afternoon get-together that folks will actually want to attend. Cocktail Caravan has shippable cocktail and mocktail kits that can be sent nationwide. Our experienced cocktail team can then host a virtual meeting explaining how to make the perfect margarita, old-fashioned, daiquiri, or any other classic cocktail you and your employees have in mind. 

Next Level: Design Cocktails Made Specifically for your Company

Cocktail Caravan can work with you to create custom-designed cocktail and mocktail mixes to impress every employee. Whether you want a fresh-pressed cocktail that matches your company colors or have the company logo imprinted on the top of each citrus garnish, Cocktail Caravan makes it happen. Plus, the vibrant flavors of every fresh-pressed cocktail and mocktail mix will impress every employee’s taste buds.

A Fresh-Pressed Cocktail/Mocktail Subscription for the Office Breakroom

If your office already has a beer tap and a few cans of wine in the fridge, the options above might not be new to your employees. Adding a few bottles of fresh-pressed cocktail/mocktail mix to the company fridge, however, will add awesomeness to the standard Friday afternoon in the break area. Cocktail Caravan offers a subscription service to keep things stocked and will deliver to most offices in the Denver/Boulder area.

Next level: Go Big

If you want to treat the crew to something bigger than a self-serve system, Cocktail Caravan makes fresh-pressed cocktail/mocktail mixers in bulk. These are best to treat a crowd of thirsty employees looking to unwind on a Friday and more.

Ready to take your company happy hour to the next level? Send Cocktail Caravan an inquiry about what you want to accomplish and we will make it happen.